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Clean Gain+

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Platinum Nutrition Clean Gain+

600 Clean Calories per daily serving*

Over 56gr of Protein per daily serving*

Slow Release Carbohydrate Complex: Oats, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato

With added MCT Oil for increased energy

Naturally sweetened with Stevia

*per 150gr serving


Platinum Nutrition Clean Gain+ is revolutionary in its formula. This macronutrient-heavy clean mass gainer is made specifically for athletes looking to gain quality muscle mass without added fat accumulation. We have used the finest ingredients to give you the cleanest, leanest, best tasting mass gainer on the market today.

Clean Gain contains over 600 Clean Muscle Building Calories per daily serving suggestion. Our Slow Release Carb Complex consists of Whole Grain Oats, Brown Rice and Sweet Potato Powder. This supplies over 30gr of Clean carbohydrates with only 1.4gr of sugar per 75gr serving.

Platinum Nutrition Clean Gain has three Protein sources including Milk Protein, Whey and Egg White Protein, delivering over 56gr of Protein per recommended daily serving. Our Whey Protein is derived from grass fed, free-range cows; making it the best quality Protein money can buy.

We have fortified Clean Gain with MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which is a healthy source of fat commonly found in Coconut Oil. This supplies the body with extra energy throughout the day and improves the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Platinum Nutrition Clean Gain contains a massive amount of muscle building Amino Acids for sustained recovery throughout the day. A full daily serving (150gr) of Clean Gain contains over 12gr of Glutamine and 10gr of BCAAs. Clean Gain is possibly the best tasting Clean Gainer on the market and is sweetened naturally with Stevia, making it one of the most natural and tastiest Gainers available.

100% Irish - 100% Quality, Platinum Nutrition Clean Gain is a scientifically engineered formula which has been developed and manufactured in the Republic of Ireland. It is 100% Drug Free and specifically designed for athletes looking to gain quality muscle.


Nutritional Information:

Typical Values Per                                                  100g                                                  75g Serving

Energy Kcal                                                     399                                             300

Energy Kj                                                         1617                                          1213

Protein (g)                                                      37.7                                              28.3

Carbohydrates (g)                                         40.5                                              32.3

of which sugars (g)                                        1.9                                                1.4

Fat (g)                                                               6.1                                                4.6

of which saturates (g)                                    0.7                                               0.5

Fibre (g)                                                            8.5                                               6.4

Sodium (g)                                                       0.09                                             0.07

Inulin (mg)                                                     5000                                           3750

MCT (mg)                                                         3333                                             2500

Digestive Enzymes (mg)                                 50                                                 38